Scaly Tree Fern


Scientific name: Cyathea cooperi (Hook. ex F. Muell.) Domin

Common names: Australian tree fern, Cooper's cyathea, Cooper's tree fern, giant scaly tree fern, lacy tree fern, rough tree fern, scaly tree fern, scaly tree-fern, straw tree fern, straw treefern, tree fern

Overview: Native to eastern Queensland and northern New South Wales (i.e. from Cooktown in northern Queensland south to the central regions of New South Wales).

This species is regarded as a minor environmental weed in south-western Western Australia and some parts of New South Wales (e.g. in the wider Sydney and Blue Mountains region), and as a "sleeper weed" in other parts of southern Australia.

The plant has escaped cultivation and invaded native vegetation along streams and around swamps in south-western Western Australia. Similarly, it is well established in moist gullies and along creeks in bushland in the Sydney region (e.g. in Lane Cove National Park). It has also become a serious weed of rainforests on some of the Hawaiian islands.

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