Molucca Raspberry


Scientific name: Rubus moluccanus

Common names: Molucca Raspberry

Overview: Rubus moluccanus. (Molucca bramble or Molucca berry) Australia’s molucca berry is closely related to and resembles the European raspberry, but with a brighter colour and sweeter flavour. It is a rainforest fruit that grows happily alongside streams and shady creeks, over a wide area of eastern Australia from Victoria in the south to tropical north Queensland.

As well as being delicious to eat Molucca Berries are very nutritious and are fast gaining a reputation as a natural medicine (even to treat cancer). Recent research undertaken by Food Science Australia shows the berries have extremely high anti-oxidant activity. Other research undertaken at Charles Sturt University suggests the berries could be developed for their anti-bacterial properties. The antimicrobial activity of molucca berry juice and dried molucca berries were investigated against five human pathogenic bacteria, and both were found to significantly reduce the growth of several species of bacteria including Staphylococcus aureus, Alcaligenes faecalis and E. Coli.

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