Bumpy Ash


Scientific name: Flindersia schottiana

Common names: Ash; Mountain Ash; Stavewood; Southern Silver Ash; Wyageri; Silver Ash; Northern Silver Ash; Floppy Leaf Ash; Cudgerie; Ash, Southern Silver; Ash, Northern Silver; Ash, Bumpy; Ash, Silver; Bumpy Ash; Ash, Mountain; Flindosy Beech

Flindersia schottiana is a tall tree growing to 40 m; bark pale to grey, smooth often with scattered bumps on trunk. Found in sub-tropical rainforests, dry rainforests, and riverine scrub from Camden River, mid-north coast of NSW to Iron Range, Cape York. Also New Guinea.

Host plant for the Orchard Swallowtail butterfly.

Formerly used in the manufacture of barrels (cooperage), cricket stumps, billiard cues and tool handles. Produces a very pale high quality cabinet timber which takes a high polish.

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