Northern Grey Ironbark


Scientific name: Eucalyptus siderophloia

Common name: Grey ironbark, Northern grey ironbark

Overview: A medium-sized to tall forest ironbark tree of the coast and adjacent hinterlands of New South Wales and southern Queensland, from Sydney to about Bundaberg..

Although they are very easy to recognize as a group, the ironbarks are a very difficult group to identify as species and more work is required to elucidate the differences between the species. Intergradation and hybridization is common and this adds to the complexity of what is already a very complex group of plants.

The sapwood is usually resistant to the lyctus borer. Not an easy timber to work, however it has a beautiful appearance similar to some rainforest species. Uses include flooring and decking, shipbuilding, poles, construction, railway sleepers and heavy engineering.

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