Roseleaf Raspberry


Scientific name: Rubus rosifolius

Common names: roseleaf bramble, Mauritius raspberry, thimbleberry Vanuatu raspberry and bramble of the Cape

Overview : Rubus rosifolius is a prickly subshrub native to rainforest and tall open forest of the Himalayas, East Asia, and eastern Australia.

Although R. rosifolius is rarely cultivated, the plant has several uses. The fruit is sweet and pleasant flavoured when grown with good soil moisture. The leaf is used as a medicinal herbal tea for treating diarrhoea, menstrual pains, morning sickness and labour pains. The leaf contains essential oils.

Rubus rosifolius is an introduced environmental weed in the Hawaiian Islands, Puerto Rico and French Polynesia, and extreme caution should be adopted when considering introducing this plant into regions where it is not already native.

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