On the Trail Workshops

Platypus & Their Habitat

22 June 2019

Presenter - Rosalinde Brinkman, Exec. Dir. Gold Coast Catchment Association

We saw a real platypus! - and learned that water bugs are the main diet of a platypus plus how to create a healthy platypus habitat.

Water Bugs & Frogs

25 May 2019

Presenter - John Pumpurs of NaturaPacific

Good news!! We identified several "sensitive" (level 8) water bugs in our Toc Toc creek water indicating a healthy waterway.

See that "stick" on the bottom of this rock? It's actually a caddisfly larvae (encased). A level 8 "sensitive" water bug.

And we found several of them!

A sign of a healthy waterway. :)

Wildlife & Koalas

27 April 2019

Presenter - Bastian Steinrucken of NaturaPacific